Unfortunately, property crimes happen rather frequently in the United States. According to the FBI Crime Clock, in 2017, a burglary event happened every 22.6 seconds! Needless to say, burglary is a big problem, and you should make sure that you are protected against it.

Let us introduce you to 5 simple yet very effective things that you could do to make your home more secure!

Reinforce your doors and windows

Doors and windows serve as primary entry points for burglars. They can be major weak points in your home’s security, so you should pay special attention to reinforcing them.

First comes your front door, which is the originating point of 34% of break-ins. If you have a light, flimsy front door or/and a weak door frame and hinges, it will be rather easy for a burglar to just break it open. The very first step you should do is reinforce your front door structurally. Then, you also need to keep an eye on its condition so it is always spot-on and ready to protect your home.

You could also do the following to further secure your front door:

  • Remove/cover the mail slot.
  • Install a deadbolt and/or a strike plate.
  • Upgrade to smart locks.

You should do the same with your back door: back doors serve as the entry point of 22% of home burglaries, after all.

When it comes to windows, first-story windows are the second most common entry points for burglars. 23% of burglars use insecure first-story windows to break into Americans’ homes. To make sure that your windows are secure, do the following things:

  • Reinforce the windows’ latches with security locks.
  • Reinforce the glass with window security film.
  • Add windows bars.
  • Add glass break/window sensors.
  • Plant prickly bushes under your first-floor windows.

Secure your garage and other possible entrances

Garages are also rather quite popular points of entry for burglars. To be more precise, 9% of burglaries begin through the garage entrance. This is noticeably less than it was with doors and windows, but even 0.1% is enough for you to be concerned.

You definitely should make a habit to lock all the doors in your garage, be they interior or exterior. Even if burglars can’t get in your home, they may still find something of value in your garage.

Additionally, you could do a couple of basic things to secure your garage:

  • If your garage door is guarded by a security code, make sure to keep it secret. Never enter your garage code in front of people who you don’t trust or know.
  • Cover the windows of your garage to hide what’s inside.
  • Reinforce your garage doors with extra locks or a smart garage door opener.

Aside from your garage door, pay attention to other possible entrances like storage areas or basements. Those entrance points account for 6% of home burglaries. To secure them, apply the same techniques we mentioned for doors and windows.

Protect your Wi-Fi network

In the digital age, reinforcing your windows and doors is not enough. You might have made your house a stronghold, but if you neglect your home Wi-Fi network, all your efforts will be in vain. Via an unprotected Wi-Fi network, intruders may gain easy access to all your personal and financial information. All that without any need to actually break into your home. Needless to say, you need to take measures to protect your home Wi-Fi network.

You could use the following tips to make your home network more secure:

  • Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption.
  • Use a strong Wi-Fi password.
  • Use a firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware protection to secure your network against attacks and malicious software.

Aside from reinforcing your Wi-Fi network with passwords and firewalls, you should also make sure not to visit suspicious websites. And if you have kids, you will need to control their online behavior. The best way of doing so would be to use parental control software. Without realizing, your kids may visit websites or download software that could have devastating consequences for your home Wi-Fi network.

Use home automation

Having old-school security devices like locks or security cameras is great. But why not go a step further and use home automation to enforce all your security means? The age of smart homes is slowly coming, so you should definitely take advantage of its benefits.

The main thing that home automation could provide you with is remote control and monitoring of your property. Whether you are in bed, at work, or on vacation, you would be able to easily keep an eye on your home.

In particular, here are the things that you could set up with home automation:

  • Remotely control your locks, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other security devices.
  • Get real-time alerts of suspicious activity and act accordingly (call the police, for example).
  • Schedule lights, your TV, and other devices while you are out of home. Even if you are away for a long time, this simple scheduling function would be able to make it seem like you are at home.
  • Get a video feed whenever someone appears on your driveway.

Make your home less appealing for burglars

The single most effective way of preventing burglary is making your home unappealing for potential intruders. There are various ways of doing this.

If you have plenty of vegetation in your yard, then you may run into a problem. Trees and plants can indeed make your home look beautiful, but they can also provide burglars with a hiding spot. To prevent this from happening, trim down trees or plants every once in a while. Alternatively, replace them with smaller flowers and bushes that can’t be used for hiding.

Speaking of trees, you could do one other thing as well. They can allow intruders to easily reach the less protected second-story windows. To protect those windows, you should either remove the nearby trees or reinforce them with security bars or other measures.

Aside from that, make sure to keep all your goodies away from the eyes. Don’t tempt thieves by pricey items and goods in your yard. If a burglar is unsure whether you have stuff worth stealing, he most likely won’t even attempt to enter your house.

And yeah, use generic security stickers so that burglars know that your house is protected.

Author Bio- Maruf Amin, is the founder of Solid and Secured. I generally review firearm safes and do comparisons of best safes like the top 5 home safe reviews, portable safes and so on. My goal is to make your home secure.