For generations it has been agreed that one of the best security items for a home is a guard dog. When you are home, a barking dog can alert you to someone at the door or in your yard, anywhere they don’t belong. When you are away, a barking dog can bring that fear to intruders to scare them away from your home. However, not everyone can have a dog due to costs associated with a dog, allergies, or safety around kids. For these situations there are some creative options to make a Barking Dog Simulated Alarm system to fool intruders.

The easiest option is a doorbell that when pressed emits a barking dog tone. This can work multiple ways, first would of course be when they pressed the doorbell button it can respond with a barking tone as though they disturbed a dog inside. Additionally, you can actually pair sensors to the doorbell, that way if the door is open or a motion is triggered it will also trigger a barking dog sound. Mount a motion detector outside the door and as soon as a person walks up to the door they will hear barking. This will lead them to believe that even when you are away, your home is still protected by a guard dog. The Fortress Wireless Doorbell has a variety of different tone options, 57 different tones to be exact! So simply set the tone to a dog barking sound and you are ready to go!

Dogs are great, they are very protective and make great companions, but for all around security, a home security system is going to be a much better option. With a full alarm system you can not only have sirens that go off to alert yourself or your neighbors, but you can get notified when away from the house. As much as we all wish our dog was like Lassie who would come and track us down when Timmy falls down the well, this rarely happens in real life. Instead we can rely on a security system that will call, text, or send a pop up notification when our alarm is triggered. You can even add a camera for a fully rounded system. With the camera you can check to see if there is an intruder versus a false alarm, and you can use the intercom feature to actually tell the intruder to get out! So whether you are a dog person or not, we highly recommend a system like this for your home!

There are lots of great features for a security system beyond just the standard use. So be creative and explore! You can find the best system to fit your needs, and customize it so it works best for you. Let us help keep your home a bit safer, we have lots of great creative ideas to make your system work exactly how you are wanting, so head over to Fortress Security Store and check us out!