It’s not uncommon to bring expensive personal property along with you when you head off to college. Laptops, cameras, game systems and smartphones are fairly standard items for college students to have. But, if you aren’t diligent about keeping a close eye on your valuables and keeping them secure, they could end up getting swiped from you. There are ways to can decrease the opportunity for thieves to get their hands on your things.

Don’t Bring Valuables You Don’t Need

You’re going to need your computer and smartphone, but it’s not likely you’ll need to have your diamonds for any reason. If there’s something of value that can be left at home, it’s probably a good idea to just leave it there. If you’re insistent on bringing these things, at the very least make sure they’re insured.

Keep Your Dorm Room Locked

As obvious as this tip may seem, this is a careless and common thing that many students fail to do. It can be a little inconvenient to have to dig out your keys each time you get back to your room, but that slight inconvenience is incredibly minimal in comparison to the huge pain of losing and having to replace your valuables.

Lock Your Bike Every Time

Even if you’re just quickly popping into the library to return a book, it’s important that you lock your bike up every single time you park it. It takes just a second to have a thief snatch your unlocked bike. Cable locks can be cut with simple bolt cutters, so it’s best to use steel U-locks and secure your bike to a rack or pole.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Plain Sight

After you’re in college for a bit, you may start feeling more at home and could become complacent and comfortable. When you let your guard down like that, you can become careless and make bad decisions around your valuables. If you’re working in the library or in a coffee shop and need to go to the bathroom, take your things with you.

Use a Cable Lock

You can secure your laptop or gaming system to the leg of a heavy desk using a cable lock. Yes, they can still be cut, but adding that extra layer of security can also help deter casual thieves looking to make a quick score. “Most thieves look for the easiest targets, so just having that added obstacle will help keep your valuables safe in most instances,” explains Brian Motley, security blogger at Academic Writing Service and BoomEssays.

Register Your Things

When you register your electronics, you have proof that the items are yours. So, if something of yours is stolen, you’ll have an easier time proving it’s yours if it’s ever recovered. A lot of schools will help students with registering their property.

Stay in Groups

It’s best to take more well-travelled routes and go where you need to go in groups. Trusting your instincts is important, and if you get a feeling that someone is suspicious, it’s best to trust that instinct.

Keep Your ID Separate

Rather than keeping your ID and credit cards in your backpack, you may want to think about getting a small wallet you can carry around your neck. If a thief digs through your backpack, they won’t find these valuable items they may be in search of.

Tag Your Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive. And, there’s no way of telling yours apart from anyone else’s if you don’t label it. Write your name on the inside cover of your books, not on a page that can be easily removed.

Install a Tracking App

Phones are easy for thieves to quickly grab if you aren’t watching for even just a second. And, they’re loaded with your personal information and valuable for thieves to sell to pawnshops. “Installing an app like Find My iPhone and keeping a password locking your phone from being opened can help you retrieve a lost phone and can help your information from being accessed,” outlines Warren Moore, tech writer at UKWritings and EssayRoo.

Get Personal Property Insurance

You may get some protection from theft with personal property insurance. Renter’s insurance may also be an option if you’re living off-campus.

Avoid falling victim to a thief on your college campus. Using common sense and following these tips can help you protect your valuables from being taken. CChloe Bennet is an educator at Best engineering assignment help and UK dissertation writer services. She writes about college life, latest edtech trends and reviews academic tools. Also Chloe is a tutor at OXEssays website.