S02 GSM Alarm System It is necessary to set up security for your home to keep it safe from the prying eyes of intruders. Total Security Systems helps you get the best security installed. Having your system connected to your smartphone keeps you updated in case of a misfortune. We have an application called, "Fortress Total Security", which enables you to control your security system from wherever you are!

After you set up your admin password and connect a SIM card to your panel you are ready to access the application. On the app store (Apple or Android), search for "Fortress Total Security". The user manual has all the steps explained in detail on how to go through the setup. With this easy method, you can completely secure your home from fire and gas leaks. The Gas leak detector is to be setup opposite the most used source of gas in the home. Use the Gas Leak Detector to provide maximum security from fires caused by gas leaks.

We have 'Motion Detectors' which can detect objects moving in different angles as far as 30ft away. Additionaly, we have 'Pet Immune' motion detectors which are resistant to pets moving around, cutting down on false alarms. We also have 'Glass Break Detectors' which trigger your alarm in the event of a window breaking.

We also have the 'Smoke Detector' and the 'Panic button' which are great additions to your system. The Panic button can be set in the bedroom near the bed and makes you getting help easier in case of an issue. Total Security System also has Easy to use 'Indoor/Outdoor Strobe Siren', which can be installed and used for better protection of your home.

All of these sensors, when triggered, will send a notification to your smartphone. Using the app gives you the ease of changing all settings on your panel as well as arming/disarming the system. You can find our application here (for Android users).